Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Little Light Room is back!

Earlier this year it was with a heavy heart that I decided I would close down the old version of this blog. My web hosting had come up for renewal after three years, costing a lot more and I weighed it up with my head, ignoring my heart.

I thought that I wasn’t achieving my aims of helping people and giving a personal perspective; not really. I wasn’t posting as regularly as I wanted to because, well frankly – life got a bit too roller-coaster! I had some major upheavals and I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to write my blog. I also told myself that since I was now volunteering with SADA, I should put my energies into that instead.

So what changed?

I am sorry to see the Light Room go…  it really was a great help when I was struggling, to know someone else out there felt something similar to me… your Light Room had a much more personal feel, which I think is really needed…

I am sad to see your blog disappear as it was so well written and useful to signpost people to.

I always said that if my blog helped even one person then it was worth doing. Receiving these messages after I’d let the hosting lapse made me sad.

So… here we are again.