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Happy Winter Solstice 2015… and winter sun break

Good morning! A very, very happy Winter Solstice and festive greetings to you! 🙂

I hope that you’re well and not feeling too frazzled in the run up to Christmas? Well, Winter Solstice is finally here and I’m as always, probably as excited by the prospect of lengthening days as I am by the prospect of a jolly old man in red visiting all the good people in the world! I’m looking forward to spending time with family and friends in Leeds, and back in Newcastle before I start a new job in the New Year. It’s been a very exciting few weeks!

I promised you I’d write and tell you how I felt after having a winter break at the end of November. I thought I’d wait until Solstice to really assess this. And the conclusion? I would go earlier or later.

I had a wonderful time in Gran Canaria with one of my best friends and we had loads of fun. A great blend of sightseeing, partying until the wee hours and relaxing… and of course plenty of eating and drinking! 🙂

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The bright sunshine and feeling warmth on my skin again was as lovely as I’d been anticipating. But coming back to the darkest time of the year in the UK was a shock to my system I think. It was rainy and dull for a few days upon my return and my first day back felt very weird.

This wasn’t my first winter sunshine break; I’ve been to Gran Canaria in February many years ago, and I was in Dubai in January this year. I think both of those were better timings as they gave me a little boost as the days were lengthening. Alternatively, in future, I’ll go away in late September to mid-October before the days shorten too much. This is what a couple of my colleagues at SADA have done and they’ve found it helpful. I’d be interested to hear what other people think?

I hope that you have a fantastic festive break with your loved ones. Have some well-deserved rest, do the things that make you smile, keep up your light therapy (easy to neglect when out of your routine) and why not take the opportunity to get out in natural daylight come rain or shine for a walk or cycle?

With very best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful 2016,

– Neens x –