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Forest path with sunlight streaming round the cornerHi I’m Neina and this is a personal perspective blog that I set up originally in 2012 to help offer support to people who experience Seasonal Affective Disorder or Winter Blues. 

Why Little Light Room?

There are lots of really good information sources available on the Internet about SAD and Winter Blues. This site isn’t intended to replace or replicate this information, but I do signpost to helpful places so you don’t have to hunt around the web for it. However, the main purpose of this blog is to offer a more personal perspective based on my own experience of living with SAD, because I understand that sometimes what you really need is to know you’re not alone – and you’re not!  Find out more about me!

I hope this blog will bring you some comfort and a sense of solidarity if you have, or suspect that you have, SAD or Winter Blues. If you are supporting a partner, friend, colleague or family member with SAD symptoms or you just want to find out more, I hope you’ll find the information and advice useful too! 🙂

On this blog, you’ll find answers to your most pressing questions, including:

You’ll also find SAD and Winter Blues facts, useful links, helpful tips for staying healthy, and talking around specific issues to do with SAD and mental health… plus a few other random musings! If you’d like new posts to be delivered to your email, you can subscribe to this blog using the sign-up form on the right of this page.

Contact Little Light Room

If you have any questions or would like to get involved with Little Light Room, please contact me: admin@littlelightroom.com

I am happy to give media interviews and I’m an experienced copywriter for written pieces. I will support journalists/producers in any way I can. I understand there are few people available to speak about SAD/Winter Blues and I really want to support in raising awareness where I can.

Please email me in the first instance and I’ll provide my number for easier contact. It will really help me if you can provide an overview of the media and the questions/angle in your email so I can prepare for our conversation.

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Any opinions or advice I give are based on my own personal experience and needs to be weighed up with what you know about yourself and your own experience of SAD or Winter Blues. I am not a medical or mental health professional, academic or counsellor. I would always recommend going to see your GP immediately if you are experiencing any symptoms that concern you.

I often use free photography from freeimages.com – credit is given at the bottom of posts.

Any products or services that I recommend are based on my own personal opinions of what I have used. I do not currently receive any financial benefits from this site, but I may partner with organisations to offer services and special offers to the Little Light Room visitors.

Your privacy is important to me. Read Little Light Room’s privacy policy.

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